6 Keys to Do What You Love for a Living


Don’t get stuck in a job that you hate. Find what you love to do and make a living out of it. Follow these 6 tips to turn your passion into a career.


Soul searching

What brings you enjoyment? To do something you genuinely love for a living, it is essential to step back and figure out what truly brings you enjoyment. Do not categorize your answer into a particular career or industry. Focus on the act or thing that gives you pleasure first then determine what sort of careers may fit it.

Turn ideas into reality

Once you determine what you are passionate about, go down the details and shape it into a career. Create a concrete plan. Write down what you need to do and take action. Schedule the required activities and be sure to make time to make it happen.

Profit from your passion

The best thing about building a business out of doing what you love is that you will never tire of it. Brainstorm ideas how to make a profit. Look at it from several avenues – from your perspective, from the buyer’s perspective, the end user’s perspective, and the audience’s perspective. For example, if you love martial arts, you can teach the art, run a gym, or sponsor live events that can all generate income.

Talk to others who have done it

Find inspiration from people already working in your area of interest. Their experience will give you invaluable insight into what it really takes to succeed in your industry. You will discover hidden pains and strategies that will guide you in launching your own career or coming up with a good business model.

Be around positive people

Make an effort to surround yourself with supportive people, who believe that it is important to follow your true passion in life. If you talk to people who feel as trapped and as scared as you are, you may never get the inspiration to take a chance.

Take classes

Professional training or coursework helps a lot in making the switch from one career into your true calling. Invest in yourself and get the proper classes to gauge your talent and endurance. Having a solid base will also boost your confidence and help you to act quickly and seize the opportunity to do something that you love.



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