5 Tips to Get a Retail Job Fast


Retail job openings are prime to come up at any time soon as the holiday season rolls in. There is plenty of opportunity and you can quickly land a job if you know how to get one. If you are looking for some great tips, the five below are sure to help you.

  1. Apply in person.

Truth is, there are more applicants than positions, especially in the best companies. Most times, openings are left unannounced since there is a regular stream of unsolicited applications in the HR mailbox. So how will you bypass this stack? Wear your best interview outfit and walk into the store. Ask to speak to the manager and express your desire to work there. It is a bold and confident move that works wonders.

  1. Choose small shops.

The most obvious place to look for work is in the mall. There is nothing stopping you from visiting one store after another. But this strategy has probably occured to every other job seeker. To increase your chances of getting hired, focus on small companies that have less traffic. Go to the smaller shopping complex and start asking in the shops. Less traffic means less competition.

  1. Look at the stocks.

No, you are not going to buy stocks. You are looking at retail companies who are having an upswing within the stock market. This tells you that these companies are growing, which means they need to hire more people and more important, they can pay their wages.

  1. Check out hourly-pay websites.

If you are looking for a part-time job, chances are the pay will be based by the hour. As such, major job boards may not list these jobs. Check out the hourly-wage websites to find the opportunities that you need.

  1. Job hop.

If you want to work in retail but are not getting much luck, consider hopping to another industry. Here, you will learn new things and add to your experience. It may be better than doing nothing and receiving no pay. You can still keep on applying to retail openings as you see them while growing and adding new skills in a different job.

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