5 Tips to Apply In Person at a Retail Store


The best way to get a retail job is to apply in person. Just show up! But how do you do it right? Below are some simple tips that will get you hired.

  1. Apply on a weekday.

Everyone is at the mall during weekends. Cut the employees some slack and do not apply when the store is crazy busy. Weekdays are a better option. You will have an easier time getting attention and the employees will be more than happy to help you.

  1. Bring a pen.

It sounds silly but there are applicants who expect to borrow a pen from the manager. How does that make you look good? Come prepared. Bring a pen. Once you receive the application form, do not stand next to the cash register to fill it out. If there is no table, go out of the store to find a table where you can write then submit your application. However, if they offer you a place to fill it out, go and do it. This is also a good sign that you are getting hired.

  1. Don’t ask for employee discounts.

Yes, this is a nice perk but do not ask for it the same day you are asking for a job. It makes the manager question your motives and wonder how long you will stay in the retail position. Besides, you don’t have to ask for this benefit. If it is offered, the manager is sure to let you know during your interview or once you are hired.

  1. Hide other application forms.

While you may be applying for different jobs, it is in your best interests to make it seem like you are interested in one particular store. Do not go in and ask for an application form and place it inside a folder with 10 other application forms. Leave the other forms at home or do not show it to the manager. You want them to think you are genuinely interested and are not just after any job you can get.

  1. Be nice to everyone.

Do not just be polite to the manager, be nice to everyone. Remember, if you get hired, you will be working with these people. Also, do not interrupt employees when they are speaking to customers. You should know that customers come first! Show patience and wait for your turn, then explain you are after the retail job that you want.

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