5 Reasons to Start a Warehouse Career Now


The growing economy serves as a stimulus for a rise in jobs in warehouse and distribution. Resources need to be allocated, food and supplies have to moved and stored, and raw materials must be delivered to businesses.

Because of this growth, more people are interested in joining the industry. And why not? It is as busy as ever. There are plenty of reasons to be a part of the workforce now and a few of the best are outlined below:

  1. The industry is growing.

Projected growth is at 26% by 2020. New jobs are opening up, especially because of the popularity of outsourcing. It does present new challenges but along that comes plenty of opportunity – about 27,800 new jobs to be exact.

  1. There is a place for everyone.

Sure, there are advanced positions that require plenty of education and experience but there are other jobs that welcome workers with minimal education and no experience. It all depends on what facet of logistics you enter.

  1. Advancement comes fast.

With sufficient training, low-level employees advance to high-level positions quickly. Warehouse companies prefer promoting their people instead of hiring from the outside. This is great news if you are a hard worker who is committed to development and advancement in this career.

  1. No need to relocate.

Almost all companies require a warehouse, which means anywhere you are, there are jobs that you can take. Unlike other careers that are specific to an area or one region, you can easily find opportunities in your own city or town and become a warehouse worker or manager.

  1. Salaries are rising.

Median annual earning is posted at $74,000 whereas in the past it was only $53,000. Professionals working in larger companies earn as much as $108,000. Moreover, warehouse laborers in Washington enjoy a higher salary that averages at $96,740.

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