5 Real Estate Careers to Explore


Real estate careers branch out in many ways. You can pick which specialization to take depending on your strengths. If you are not sure which to take, have a look at the 5 suggestions below and see which appeals to your interests.

  1. Residential Real Estate Agent

These are independent sales professionals who work with brokers on commission-based projects. Usually, they offer their services for a 6% profit sharing. What is great about this job is it does not require lots of education or long years of experience to start. If you are at least 18 years old and in possession of a high school diploma, you can take the 30-90 hours training and take the test to earn a license. Once you pass, start practicing!

  1. Commercial Real Estate Sales Associates

Lots of opportunities are available in large property brokerage companies. They need sales associates to market commercial real estates such as office buildings, apartments, shopping centers, and hotels. Market data and research is provided so that you are able to help sophisticated clients seeking guidance regarding their multi-million dollar investments.

  1. Real Estate Appraisal

Do you ever wonder how come one property is priced higher than another? That is the work of a real estate appraiser. They are responsible for appraising properties, estimating their value and quality. The number is based on comparable sales in the area or by projecting the cash flow expected from a property. Banks and appraiser firms employ them.

  1. Escrow Officer

The escrow officer steps in at the last step of a transaction. He is the person who does the closing and delivers the keys to the buyer. But this is not the sole function. He serves as the uninterested third party who gathers all the information from the lender and conveys it to the buyer and seller. It is a job that is done at the closing of the transaction.

  1. Investment Banker

If you are interested in real estate and investment banking, this is an ideal occupation to take. There are many areas to explore like REIT stock, bond and preferred stock origination business, lodging investment banking, principal investing in real estate, and synthetic lease origination. You can work for large investment banks working in real estate, the biggest of which are Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

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