5 Popular Sales Careers in Various Industries


The best part about sales jobs is they exist in every conceivable industry. No matter your background, strengths, or interests, there is a position in sales in some company that you can fill. Below are some suggestions that you can explore today:

  1. Food Service Sales

Everyone needs to eat, and frankly, who does not like eating? This makes the job of food service salespeople easier. The entire population can be their customer. But mostly, they sell food and food-related items to larger establishments in behalf of a food distributor or a restaurant supply distributor. It is a demanding job that requires solid people skills and lots of networking, plus countless overtime work.

  1. Independent Sales Reps

Some companies cannot be bothered to have their own sales force so they turn to independent sales representatives to sell their products or services. There is no shortage of positions as many companies prefer outsourcing this job. If you are self-motivated and able to manage without a base salary, this may be an occupation that you can try.

  1. Real Estate Agents

Busy people need help in finding their dream home. Real estate agents come to the rescue, brings them to good properties that match their style and budget, sell the home, and close the deal. Does it sound simple enough to you? Try getting one of these sales jobs and see how you fair. It can be really lucrative if you go on a roll. Think unlimited income and complete freedom!

  1. Medical Devices Sales Careers

Healthcare is a fantastic industry to get into. But if you do not fancy going to medical school and spending an eternity there, simply take on a medical sales career. Devices, apparatus, even medication need to be marketed to hospitals and healthcare practitioners. It is a secure and rewarding job that is worthy of your time.

  1. IT Industry Sales Careers

There is a lot of money in IT. The field has been growing for years and it will not stop. Plenty of professionals get on board but it requires constant education and learning new skills. It moves fast and you must keep up! Do this successfully and your sales career can be one of the most secure and financially rewarding ones.

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