5 Killer Questions to Ask at the End of the Interview


Don’t just ask any question at the end of the interview. Ask questions that will impress the hiring manager and show you are truly interested in the job!

  1. What is it like for you to work here?

People love talking about themselves so turn the table on your interviewer and leave him or her thinking more positively of your conversation. Brain scans show that talking about yourself activate parts of the brain associated with pleasure. What better way to make your hiring manager happy than get him or her to talk about his or her work experiences? This is also beneficial for you as you get an idea on what everyday is like within the company or how a possible career progression for you may look. You may also ask what has kept them working there for long or what is the best thing about their job.


  1. Why is this position vacant?

This is an excellent question to help you get realistic expectations for the job. There are only three possible answers: it is a newly created position, the person who held it moved up the ladder in the same firm, or the person left. If the person took on a new position within the company, it is a good sign of mobility and growth. If the person left, then the position may not offer growth desired. Finally, if it is a new position, you may be hitting the ground running because you can’t expect guidance for this role as the company is also unfamiliar with it.


  1. What challenges do the team face and how do you expect me to take part in providing solutions?

Throw this out there and the hiring manager sees you as a serious candidate as this shows you are concerned about what it takes to succeed if you get hired. Also, this gives you a more concrete expectation of your role and a good sense of the current situation of the team and the company. If everything goes well, the answer to this question will directly tell you if your skills and experience match what the position requires.


  1. Apart from learning the ropes, what should be my focus in the first months at work?

What the position requires are already posted in the job listing. This question focuses on the specifics of the job. It highlights your enthusiasm and eagerness to perform at your best. Additionally, the answer will help you figure out if this company fits your needs. If it does, you can use the answer to create a game plan to impress in your first months at work.


  1. Can you describe the company culture?

It is important for new employees to fit in and this shows that you desire to become a part of the team and also tell you if you will be happy in the working environment.



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