5 Fast-Rising Restaurant Jobs Today


Starting a career in the restaurant industry should not be too daunting. It is a vast field. You can use all your strengths to pick the right career that you will enjoy and find success in.

Not everyone has to be a chef. In fact, not everyone has to work inside the restaurant. There are so many jobs surrounding it and involving food that you will not run out of choices. Do you need help finding some inspiration? Take a look at the cool jobs below and see where you fit best.

  1. Food Lawyer

More people are becoming more concerned about what they are eating and where it is coming from. There is always a debate on factory farming and GMOs. This is the part where food lawyers come in. As the public clamors for change in the food industry, legal battles are sure to follow, particularly those regarding public health and safety and food supplements.

  1. Holistic Health Coach

They are not doctors but these professionals know how to integrate the best of nutrition and wellness into one plan that will dramatically change the lives of people. Holistic health coaches focus on natural therapies to achieve balance in the mind and body. Clients are instructed to eat healthy foods, take herbal supplements, and participate in wellness practices such as meditation and yoga.

  1. Farmer’s Market Manager

There is a big demand for local and organic today. Sustainable food is all the rage. As such, farmer’s markets are on the rise. Most large cities have one and even small towns have weekly gatherings. Restaurant chefs frequent them and prefer working directly with the farmers. It is really a good thing. But business is not just picking up for farmers but also for people who organize these markets and manage them well.

  1. Urban Farming

A renewed focus on fresh food gives rise to urban farms. People are getting more creative in trying to utilize space and come up with new farming methods to make more food even if they do not live in the countryside. It is a fast growing industry that will employ a lot of people in the future, from sales to marketing and actual farming and research.

  1. Restaurant Designer

With social media in mind, a lot goes into restaurant design. There are many concerns: architectural planning, interior design, lighting style, fabric selection, and many more. You cannot expect the chef to do this, right? He has to work on the menu and concept and his hands are already full. Good thing there are plenty of restaurant designers ready to work to make any vision come to life.

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