5 Cool Restaurant Jobs to Take


A restaurant is a busy place, not just for diners but also for the people working inside. But contrary to popular belief, there are more professionals employed by a restaurant than just the chef and waiters. It is a large industry that also involves suppliers, researchers, designers, and many more. In fact, some of these jobs can be really cool. If you are interested in getting inside the industry, below are some of the coolest jobs that you can consider.

  1. Mycologist

Mushrooms receive a lot of attention these days. People want to eat healthier and continue to look for other sources of protein apart from animals. As such, mushrooms are in high demand. There is plenty of business for mycologists who study mushrooms and make a living out of foraging and selling them to consumers. If you are interested in mushrooms, nutrition, or growing food in general, this may be a good career to consider.

  1. Vegan Chef

Similar to mycologists, vegan chefs work towards healthy eating. They design plant-based food and diets that are both nutritious and delicious. Vegetarian restaurants are more than popular these days creating a lot of opportunities for vegan chefs.

  1. Molecular Gastronomist

Think olive oil powder, balsamic vinegar pearl, and carrot caviar. These ingredients make a daily appearance on the kitchen of a molecular gastronomist. It is a pretty exciting job that uses chemistry and physics to create a truly unique dining experience. It is not your ordinary restaurant job – it is at the forefront of the industry.

  1. Food Stylist

It can be hard to make food taste good, even harder to make it look good. This is the job of food stylists. They make sure the food is appealing to people. Mostly, they are employed by grocery stores, magazines, and restaurants. They work with photographers on photoshoots and dress food to appear their most stunning best.

  1. Craft Brewer

Who does not enjoy a cold glass after a long day? Craft brew is in high demand at bars, restaurants, and supermarkets. People enjoy it! But to make this brew, it takes skill. A lot goes into making beer, wine, and cider but if you are interested and are willing to study the trade, then it makes for a really cool restaurant job!

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