5 Careers in Sales Outside of Retail


A career in sales can both be satisfying and lucrative. Even better, the jobs in this field are incredibly varied. It certainly goes far more than retail or selling medical supplies. Take a look at the jobs below and see what options are further available to you.

  1. Field Consultant

This career combines engineering with sales – quite a challenging but powerful combo. The job involves answering product questions, determining technical needs of users or customers, helping with demos, and writing proposals and contracts. It is a busy role! However, everything is compensated. The median annual pay is $97,650.

  1. Account Executive

For people who have gained sufficient selling experience, the next step is to be promoted as an Account Executive. It does not take long – usually 6 to 18 months only. But it is entirely a different job from the entry-level position. Responsibilities are bigger. Tasks include giving presentations, assessing buying obstacles, writing personalized value propositions, winning purchase commitments, and negotiating terms. It can be a stressful position. The ability to bounce back quick is important. The median annual pay is $112,000.

  1. Sales Development Representative

No, these professionals are different from Sales Representatives. The job is mostly focused on research, prospecting, and qualifying leads. They look for entities that fit what they offer, respond to inquiries, and do follow-up on prospects. Once leads have been qualified, they are transferred to a Sales Representative who will continue the sales process. The median annual salary for a Sales Development Representative is $72,100.

  1. Outside Sales Person

If you enjoy being on the road all the time and talking to people, this may be an ideal occupation. Days on the job are spent in the field, moving around constantly, and meeting potential customers. You are largely working by yourself on a flexible schedule. This position is mostly offered to experienced sales people. The annual median salary is $42,000.

  1. Account Manager

After a sale is completed, the Account Manager works with the customer, fills their needs, plans a long-term strategy with them, and helps them meet their goals and get the highest ROI. He or she is the first person of contact for customers. It is a stable job that depends on retention and satisfaction rates. If you are good with building relationships, understanding customers, and able to multitask, you may be a good fit for this role. The median annual salary for this sales job is $59,000.

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