5 Advanced Warehouse Jobs Currently Hiring


Hiring within the warehouse industry is picking up and it is not just for entry-level positions. As the field prospers, better paying jobs open and expand, giving candidates all the opportunities they need for advancement. Which jobs should you go after? Check out the 5 popular positions below:

  1. Business Development Manager

Acquiring new business and managing customer relationships are the main concerns of a business development manager. It is a great position for individuals who are knowledgeable of supply chain concepts, skilled in communicating to customers, and have previous experience in sales or account management.

  1. Procurement Manager

How do you best keep inventory flexibility and at the same time keep costs down? This is the problem faced by procurement managers. They are responsible for direct sourcing of products and negotiating with suppliers. Obviously, you have to be good at negotiating to be successful in this job, plus have analytic rigor. A background in supply chain operations, statistics, marketing, and sales can also help.

  1. Distribution Center Supervisor

Good distribution center managers ensure the smooth daily operations inside a warehouse. They manage all the workers within the team and supervise activities to maintain organization and efficiency. Good work in this role involves a good understanding of supply chain principals and technologies, as well as excellent decision-making skills.

  1. Demand Planning Analyst

Too much or too little inventory spells disaster for any company. To ensure products match demand, demand planning analysts work hard and watch over the company’s bottom line. Quantitative analysis is the core of this job so you better know your math before you apply for the position. Knowledge in enterprise resource planning software makes everyday tasks easier.

  1. Supply Chain Consultant

How can you improve the supply chain? When companies are out of their depths, they hire a third-party professional to provide solutions. The supply chain consultants come to the rescue. They use their knowledge on business, engineering, and economics to give quick answers. It is a demanding job but quality experience can open doors to higher warehouse management positions.

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